Cleaning Protocol

Our cleaning staff are fully trained and use a checklist to ensure no areas are forgotten. They will wear appropriate PPE, and these are changed between rooms.

Public areas:

Breakfast room

All hard surfaces, including all place mats, are disinfected using a viricidal cleaner before and after each breakfast service.

If a table needs to be re-laid during service, all items will be removed from the table before it is disinfected before being re-laid.  None of the items from the previous guests will be put back on the table.

Walls and ceilings are dusted and the floor is vacuumed daily.


The breakfast tables and bar counter in the bar will disinfected prior to breakfast and again at the end of breakfast service.

All glassware available for use in the bar are sterilised daily in the kitchen, any used glassware is washed and sterilised.

The bar fridge door and any touch surfaces are disinfected with viricidal cleaner frequently throughout the day.

Walls and ceilings are dusted and the floor and chairs are vacuumed daily.


All hard surfaces are disinfected daily with viricidal cleaner including light switches and television remote control.

Soft furnishings are sprayed daily with a sanitiser.

Walls and ceilings are dusted and the floor is vacuumed daily.

Staircases and main entry doors

All door handles/touch surfaces/banisters are disinfected frequently each day with viricidal cleaner.

The staircase and hallways are vacuumed daily.

Guest bedrooms

Guest bedrooms are cleaned & sanitised thoroughly between guests.

Bed and bathroom linens are commercially laundered at over 70 degrees.

Pillow, duvet and mattress protectors are changed between each guest and laundered.

All hard surfaces are disinfected, paying special attention to any frequent touch surfaces – light switches, tv remote controls, door and cupboard handles.

All washable items from the tea and coffee tray are removed, including the tray itself and sterilised in the kitchen.  Tea and coffee supplies are replaced. The kettle is cleaned and disinfected.

Bathrooms – All bathroom surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using bleach and disinfecting sprays.  Special attention is paid to touch surfaces – taps, toilet flush, toilet brush and light switches.

Shampoo, soap, shower/bath products are replaced.

There is no cross contamination of cleaning cloths between rooms.  Cleaning cloths are laundered at 70 degrees daily.

Service areas:


All hard surfaces are wiped down before commencing breakfast preparation with a viricidal and antibacterial cleaner.

All hygiene regulations are observed in the storage, preparation and cooking of breakfast ingredients.

All cooking utensils are cleaned and sterilised after use.

All kitchen surfaces are cleaned and wiped down with a viricidal and antibacterial cleaner after breakfast is finished and all tidying up is completed.